CSSConf EU 2013 Berlin


Just are quick very compresssed list of topics from the awesome CSS-Conf EU in Berlin.

This is WIP so it will change and be updated ;)

Jed Schmidt


  • talk in css markup… pretty awesome ;)

Nicole Sullivan (worked at yahoo and facebook)


  • Slides
  • why are you here? Don’t really know…
  • questions: overrides, id selectors,

Peter Gasston

Future CSS in Web Components

Ana-Maria Tudor

Maths-powered transforms for creating 3D shapes

  • awesome stuff with transformations and math

Mike West (google)

XSS. (No, the other “S”)

  • security examples
  • a lot of links ;)

Harry Roberts (Sky UK)

Normalising designs for better quality CSS

  • why designers hate me?
  • psds are no contract
  • equal decissions between designers and developers
  • keep performance in mind always
  • don’t do things only because its possible to do it
  • don’t do things because it might look like you are a bad developer if you dont

Alex Sexton (visionmedia)

Pooping out CSS

  • generate css like sass using AST…

Razvan Caliman (Adobe)

Cutting-edge CSS features - Gaining control of Web Design

  • css regions
  • compositing and blending
  • css shapes for content
  • css-tricks.com shapes

Rachel Nabors

Animation Studio Power Techniques with CSS

  • css animations
  • cutouts to animate parts of a screen
  • scene transitions

Shubhie Panicker (google)

CSS module system in Google+

  • closure stylesheets
  • closure templates

Chris Eppstein (LinkedIn, Creator of Compass, Sass Coreteam)

The Mind-blowing Power of Sass 3.3

  • next month or so new release, maybe ^^
  • source maps
  • string functions
  • map data structure
  • meta scripting
    • call function
    • exists functions (function, mixin, global-variable, variable, feature)
  • & in SassScript
  • variable scoping
    • no longer allow override global variables in a different scope

Angelina Fabbro (Mozilla)

CSS Levels Up

  • CSS History
  • what does the W3C do and how are features implemented?
  • steps to implementation (many!)
  • CSS4! ^^
    • corner shapes
    • border-clip
    • luminosity
    • element
    • :matches
    • :not
    • parent selectors

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